It's been an exciting year for Drake White. He released his debut studio album Spark via via Dot Records, which an imprint of Big Machine Records, has opened for Little Big Town and Zac Brown Band in concert, and is about to head out on his own headlining tour later this year. Spark debuted at No. 34 on the Billboard 200 chart, and No. 4 on the Top Country Albums chart. The second single from the album "Livin' The Dream" hit No. 4 on the Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles chart, and in December, White released the record's third official single "Makin' Me Look Good Again."

We recently caught up with the singer from Hokes Bluff, Alabama at the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville, and during an exclusive interview, the country singer/songwriter got personal and talked about the meaning behind his latest single, and what fans can look forward to in 2017.

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On the meaning behind the lyrics for "Makin' Me Look Good Again"

"'Makin' Me Look Good Again,' [is about] being in love. I married the woman of my dreams two years ago, and the road is hard. We consider ourselves road warriors and being out there 150 days a year, sometimes 200 -- in 2016 we were out there 230 days. So, to me, to come back home and have her embrace [me], and just nurture, and get you back to health and just get you ready to go out there and speak the truth to more fans and more people, it gives you this faith, and it gives you this backbone about you that makes you very strong. So, 'Makin' Me Look Good Again' is definitely the fact that I get to go home to her, and when she's standing beside me, I feel and look a lot better than I do when she's not standing beside me."

When Drake does come home to his wife after touring, the couple enjoys spending quality time together. "We have one of those stove top popcorn deals, where you pour the oil in, and you pour the seeds in, and I make a pretty mean pot of that popcorn. And, we've got our shows like everybody does, and we have these agreements that I don't watch them out on the road, and she doesn't watch them when I'm gone. So, it takes us a while to get through Game of Thrones, or a while to get through Homeland or something like that. But, we have two dogs, a Golden Retriever and a Boykin Spaniel, and they just nestle up, and we try to keep them from eating the popcorn, and sit there and watch our deal. And [we] try to go to bed before ten. That sounds very, very, exhilarating, I know, but it's awesome."

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Fans can see Drake perform his heartfelt new single live on the "Spark Tour" in intimate club settings, stopping in cities like Nashville, Columbus, San Diego, Lancaster, and more. He tells us, "I love playing clubs, and love getting hot and sweaty, and jumping around everywhere. That's one thing we're gonna do, we're gonna knock that tour out."

Drake is also heading over to Europe on tour with Darius Rucker later this year. "We've got this European excursion planned. Darius Rucker's gonna be there. I'm excited. I've always had a nomadic spirit, so I've always wanted to check it out over there, and spread the music. That's something that we're really looking forward to."

Listen to Drake White's single "Makin' Me Look Good Again" below.

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