He's probably busy looking for the remote anyway..

Would you rather spend time with your best friend or your husband? According to recent British survey, 50 percent of the women respondents chose their bff. Here are some of the reasons given:

  • We can talk about everything – 57 percent
  • She listens more – 45 percent
  • I can tell her things I could not tell my partner – 44 percent
  • We enjoy the same things  – 41 percent
  • We laugh until we cry – 39 percent
  • I can truly be myself – 29 percent
  • We go back much further – 29 percent
  • She offers better advice – 28 percent
  • She is less irritating – 26 percent
  • We have much more in common – 25 percent
  •  She has a better sense of humor – 19 percent
  • We go wild when we’re together -- 18 percent

The survey also revealed that 30 percent of women said they prefer to have drinks with their friends and 60 percent said they have a better time if there are no men there. (Independent

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