Friday 04/21 Free Fire

Set in Boston in 1978, a meeting in a deserted warehouse between two gangs turns into a shootout and a game of survival.

Sharlto Copley, Armie Hammer, Brie Larson, Cillian Murphy, Jack Reynor, Sam Riley, Noah Taylor

Friday 04/21 The Promise

A love triangle ensues among a brilliant medical student, a dance instructor and a renowned American during the last days of the Ottoman Empire.

Christian Bale, Oscar Isaac, James Cromwell, Tom Hollander, Jean Reno

Friday 04/21 Unforgettable

A woman sets out to make life hell for her ex-husband's new wife.

Katherine Heigl, Rosario Dawson

Friday 04/21 Born in China

This documentary follows the adventures of three animal families — the majestic panda, the savvy golden monkey and the elusive snow leopard.

John Krasinski (Narrator)