Well it looks like the little white dog who Dolly Parton had promised to adopt after it was found alone in a tent after the Glastonbury Music Festival last week has found her way back home.

Little Doggy Parton, who was named in honor of Dolly who had performd at the festival, had been taken to a local shelter after she was found. After word got out about her plight, Dolly had promised to bring her home with her if the dog's owners failed to come and pick her up.

"The true owners did come forward," Parton shared. Apparently there was a "language barrier" that prevented the owners from claiming the dog sooner.

Despite the great life the pooch would have had with Dolly, it turns out that she probably wouldn't have been able to go home with the singer anyway due to her health and age (15 years). "It would have traumatized her," she said.

All's well that ends well, said Parton. "(The owners are) happy she's back where she belongs," she said. "The Happy Landings Shelter has a happy ending now."