Keeping up with the Joneses

 Are your home improvement projects done for yourself … or to impress the neighbors? A new study found that 34 percent of all home improvement projects are done just to keep up with or impress your friends, family and neighbors. In fact, the average American homeowner has spent $3,558 on home improvements that were only done to keep up with or impress other people. 42 percent said there is definitely some competition to have the best house in the neighborhood. 48 percent said they walked into a friend, family member, or neighbor’s house and were jealous of a renovation they’d done. I (Shawn) recently refinished a set of iron/wooden lawn furniture. I did it so I could sit on it without getting splinters (ouch). 

The Top 5 most popular renovations done to one-up someone else are:

1) Landscaping

 2) Kitchen remodel 

3) Remodel bathroom

4) Deck

5) Window or Door Replacements

Gettyimages-Carl Court


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