Tyler Hubbard Shares Ashley Cooke's Creative 'Girl Version' Of '5 Foot 9'

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Tyler Hubbard took a moment to spotlight fellow country artist Ashley Cooke, who debuted her own spin on Hubbard’s sweet single, “5 Foot 9.”

Cooke said on TikTok that it’s “been a minute” since she’s shared her own acoustic rendition of a song originally written and/or performed by a male artist, but shaking up the lyrics to sing it from a woman’s perspective. Hubbard shared Cooke’s TikTok on his Instagram story on Wednesday (January 25), as the release date of his debut solo album approaches. Cooke sings in the “girl version” of “5 Foot 9”:

“God made 6 foot 2, blue eyes, drinking cold beer/ Loves Garth Brooks and the Tennessee Volunteers/ Ain’t no way that me and this dress made him fall in love/ Jim makes good bourbon but God makes the good stuff”

Hubbard released “5 Foot 9” in May 2022, officially making his debut as a solo artist with the heartfelt anthem (inspired by his wife, Hayley) that serves as “a little reminder that there are a lot of good things in life. After all, ‘God makes the good stuff’ — whiskey, dirt roads, country music. But only He can make the great stuff that this song is really about.” Hubbard wrote the song with Jaren Johnston and Chase McGill, and produced it with Jordan Schmidt:

“God makes five foot nine, brown eyes, and a sundress/ Loves Tim McGraw and a small town accent/ Ain't no way that me and this truck made her fall in love/ Jack makes good whiskey but God makes the good stuff/ Oh, God makes the good stuff”

Hubbard is set to release his first full-length solo album on Friday (January 27). So far, he’s released several tracks from the long-awaited project, including “5 Foot 9,” “Dancin’ in the Country,” “Me For Me,” “Inside Out” and others.

“I feel like there’s a lot of people that grew up the way I grew up. That’ve also maybe left their hometown and have taken a little piece of that small town with them, which is really my story as well,” Hubbard said on Wednesday as he gets ready to release his full-length project. “My debut solo album is all about that journey from a kid to who I am now. In just a few days I can’t wait to share these songs and stories and parts of who I am with all of you. I hope you get to know me better and that you hear your stories in these songs too. Get ready to turn em up and play em loud. Let’s go baby.”

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