The Taylor/Scooter Saga continues

Taylor Swiftshared the behind-the-scenessale of her master recordings. She’s angry, saying, (quote) “This was the second time my music had been sold without my knowledge.”

Mega-managerScooter Braunremains the thorn in her side. He sold the masters to an investment group controlled byRoy Disney’s children. This $300 million deal with Shamrock Holdings shares a fraction of future profits with Scooter.

Taylor and Shamrock explored a partnership. But she’d be stuck with the Shamrock contract that benefited Scooter.Taylor tweeted that’s a deal breaker, (quote) “Scooter’s participation is a non-starter.”

She also revealed an extraordinary measure by Scooter. He threatened to pull out of negotiations if Shamrock contacted Taylor. And when she explored buying the masters, Scooter demanded that she sign a non-disclosure agreement before he would entertain her offer. Taylor compared his maneuver with trying to (quote) “silence her forever.”