Tulsa Man Breaks Into Fire Station & Tries To Steal Fire Truck!

It's a crazy story and it happened in Tulsa -- not Florida.

The Tulsa Police Department announced the arrest of an area man who broke into a city Fire Station and tried to steal a ladder truck! You have to read it to believe it:

"On 07/31/2021 at 2:51 am, We were dispatched to assist the Tulsa Fire Department with a burglary suspect at the fire station located at 3520 N. Peoria Ave.

When Officers arrived, fire crew members were holding the suspect, Justin Davis, down in the truck bay.

The firefighters said that they heard glass breaking followed by the ladder truck’s horn honking and they found the suspect inside the ladder truck.

Davis had started the truck and appeared to be attempting to drive it through the overhead doors when the witnesses physically removed him from the truck and held him for our arrival.

He was arrested and booked for 1st degree burglary, attempted auto theft, and damage to property.

We appreciate the citizens of Tulsa for providing us with the equipment to do our jobs and we really would like it if the miscreants don't try to steal it."

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