Video Captures SUV Almost Hit Tulsa Fire Engine Responding To Emergency

The Tulsa Fire Department posted a video of the near collission on Facebook as a Public Service Announcement Saturday.

In the video you can see a Tulsa Fire Engine responding to an emergency with lights in sirens when a Nissan SUV that was initially behind all of the stopped cars became impatient. They then follow the Fire Engine at a high rate of speed (almost looking like they want to pass it thinking it's turning right) when the Fire Engine starts to do a U-Turn they nearly collide.

“When you see and/or hear emergency vehicles responding to help in the community, please pull to the right and stop,” the Tulsa Fire Department said.

If this person had hit this Fire Engine that's not only one appartus out of commission for a period of time but all of those Firefighters too. This means another Engine needs to respond to the emergency. This could mean the difference between life and death. What if this was your family they were responding too?

That person definitely deserves a citation from the Tulsa Police Department after that bonehead move.

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