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Bob Pickett

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Dave Dalton Thomas, Author of "Picnic Willie Nelson's Fourth of July Tradition"

Bob visits with Bluegrass Grammy Award winner Molly Tuttle

I have been a fan of Molly Tuttle for years. I first discovered her music by watching her videos on YouTube. Molly has an unique sound and sounds like no one else. I finally get to see her this weekend at the Haute Spot in Cedar Park. I have been interviewing people for years, but I've never been this nervous before. Can you tell? The Great Molly Tuttle...just listen.

We have hit the JACKPOT! Monte and Brandi Warden part 2

Beautiful love story and great team! Let's continue our visit with Monte and Brandi Warden and talk about the new album "Jackpot"

Memories of the Erwin Center Part 4

Let's talk about more great concerts and events at the Frank Erwin Center and let's talk about artist's's John Graham, Liz Land and Jimmy Earl with more stories.

Jackpot! We have Monte and Brandi Warden. Part 1

How did they meet? How long have they been together? It's a Nashville/Austin love story that is amazing. We all know Monte Warden, but do you know his better half Brandi? Dive in and learn more about Monte's and Brandi's relationship and professional relationship. It's a true match made in heaven which is leading towards the release of Monte's new album with the Dangerous Few called "Jackpot" out May 17th.

Memories of the Erwin Center Part 3

Back to our discussion of the Frand Erwin Center with former directors John Graham, Jimmy Earl and Liz Land.

John Michael Whitby Part 2

This show was taped before the untimely deaths of Ace In The Hole Band member and friend Gene Elders and Erv Woolsey. We all have a big hole in our hearts with the loss of these giants.
Also, never ask Bob to predict who will be inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame.

Bob talks with Superstar Tim McGraw

He is one of the coolest guys in business. Tim McGraw is a superstar and a hell of an actor. There are more acting projuects that have been "greenlit"........listen closely

Ace In The Hole Band member John Michael Whitby stops by Part 1

Ace In The Hole keyboard player John Michael Whitby stops by to visit with Bob and Monte with details about a new project that has been years in the making......

Memories of the Frank Erwin Center Part 2

Great memories of the Frank Erwin Center. Let's continue the conversation with John Graham, Jimmy Earl and Liz Land.