Bob Pickett

Bob Pickett

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Legendary Nashville Producer Bud Logan visits with Bob and Monte

Bob and Monte talk with Congressman Chip Roy

It's not about politics, it's about our love for Texas Dancehalls and the legendary Broken Spoke. Honestly we taped this episode in 2022 and I've been waiting to post it because I wanted a companion episode with Congressman Lloyd Doggett. I'ver contacted his office and 8 months later, we're still waiting for an answer. It would be great for Congressman Doggett to tell of his love for the Spoke and of the first time a political rally was held at the Spoke. I can't wait to hear his "tales" of old Austin. Let's set it up and in the mean time I hope you enjoy this conversation with Congressman Roy.

He is a legend! Eddie Wilson stops by the Spoke with tales of the Armadillo World Headquarters

I have been waiting for so long to have Eddie Wilson tell Monte and I some tales about old Austin, about the Armadillo World Headquarters, the Raw Deal of course Threadgills. You will enjoy this visit with Eddie Wilson and please read his masterpiece "Armadillo World Headquarters, a memoir".
He needs to stop by for many more visits, right?

Ready for some great tales from Bill Carter

Bill Carter is a legend! If you don't know his name, you should. He is the songwriter, along with his lovely wife Ruth, of great songs like Stevie Ray Vaughan's hit "Crossfire", the Fabulous Thunderbirds "Why Get Up", McBride and the Ride's "Can I Count on You" and so many others. Hope you enjoy his stories and tales!

Bob and Monte visit with BMI's Mitch Ballard

It's quite a history lesson! Bob and Monte vist with BMI's Mitch Ballard.

How about some great Texas Tales with Tweed Scott

Best selling author Tweed Scott from "Texas In Her Own Words" joins Bob and Monte for some Texas Tales

The Legacy of James White

It's now been 2 years since the death of James White. What does the future hold for the historic Broken Spoke. Ginny White-Peacock and Michael Peacock tell Bob and Monte about the Spoke's future.

Bob and Monte visit with Tom Foote and Terry Hale of the Ace In The Hole Band

If you are a country music fan and a George Strait fan, this episode is a no brainer. How did George join the Ace In the Hole Band, how did they get their name, what happened to the original singer for the band.......all these answers and more on this episode of "Tales From The Broken Spoke"

You won't believe these tales. Real Austin history from special guest Don Pryor.

I love Austin radio stories and there is no one better to tell those stories than my friend Don Pryor. Don's dad, the late great Cactus Pryor, was President Johnson's go to man for emceeing many White House and Johnson Ranch events and Don was there for many of them. He was at the Batman movie premiere in 1966, the same weekend that the UT Tower sniper massacre happened. That's one of the many tales you won't forget. Enjoy this blast from the past. Real Austin history, real America history.

Rock The Kettle benefit concert with Cory Morrow and 90's Country Stars

Cory Morrow talks about the big Rock The Red Kettle benefit for the Salvation Army this Sunday at ACL Moody Theater. It's a big 90's Country night and you won't believe the lineup. Tickets at